New to Bonus-Bee's Reward Club?

Bonus-Bee's Rewards

Already Have a Rewards Account?

New to Bonus-Bee's Reward Club?

Already Have a Rewards Account?

Butterbee's American Grille Rewards

Here's how it works:

1) Sign Up

  • Sign up online or in store using the QRL Code

2) Earn Rewards

  • You will earn one (1) points for every dollar spent at Butterbee's.
  • For every 200 points you will earn a $10 Reward.
  • Rewards can be earned/used at any Butterbee’s location

3) Get Special Offers

  • In addition, Butterbee's Rewards Club members will have access to members-only coupons and offers that will be delivered throughout the year. Be sure to provide your email address to maximize your benefits!
  • Welcome: Double points are offered for each new customer on their next visit
  • Birthday: Free appetizer or dessert
  • Points Away: Email notification when you are close to receiving your next reward
  • Bonus Points will be announced and awarded throughout the year. Bonus point opportunities may include double point days or double point times that will be announced periodically throughout the year.

Point Tracking:

You will be able to log into your account online and get up-to-date points information at your fingertips. Access Your Rewards account (Please note it may take up to a week for points to show on your account.) Visit our Rewards Website to view current point balance and certificates issued and redeemed.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Earned points will be carried over annually. You never lose a point in the Butterbees Rewards Club!
  • Must have a valid email address to receive rewards certificates
  • To earn points you must notify the server each time you make a purchase.
  • Butterbee's Rewards Club members must keep their personal information file up to date by reporting any changes in name, address, etc. online at our Rewards Website.
  • Your Butterbee's Rewards Club card is not a charge card.
  • Members cannot earn points on the purchase of alcoholic beverages or restaurant gift certificates or when they redeem reward certificates or any other special offers.
  • The Butterbee's Rewards Club has no cash value.
  • Rewards Certificates will be printed instantly once a member qualifies and must be redeemed by the expiration date noted on the certificate.
  • There will be no cash refund and no points earned when redeeming Butterbee's Rewards Club certificates.
  • Butterbee's Rewards Club cards and certificates are non-transferable. Lost/stolen certificates will not be replaced.
  • The Butterbee's Rewards Club program will not sell or rent your name, address or personal information.
  • Visit our Rewards Website to view current point balance and certificates issued and redeemed.
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